Ronix Faith Hope Love Wakeboard 2013 - 136cm

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Faith Hope Love 2013 Wakeboard - by Emily Copeland Durham - 136cm (up to 175 lbs)

The Ronix Faith Hope Love wakeboard by Emily Copeland Durham is designed for the way women ride. Her collection is created for every aspect of the true rulers of the waterway.

Seasons ago, Emily revolutionized the ride of a female specific wakeboard. The Faith Hope Love opens up a new dimension to a board leaving the wake with less work. Most boards create lift from the angle the board generates edging into the wake. This super fast rockerline creates speed and a fuller profile in the tail area, which means the board rides on the water with the least amount of resistance. Because it has less friction the board can enter the wake with a lot of speed, and leaves the transition with less drag and effort.

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