Malibu 11' 6" VFT Touring SUP With Paddle

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Malibu 11' 6" VFT Touring Paddleboard With Paddle - from Pau Hana

The Malibu Tour standup paddleboard in VFT (vacuum formed technology) is a displacement board  built for efficient paddling in flatwater.  The Malibu Tour is ideal for cutting through water at moderate speeds or for novice paddlers looking to get a workout.  This paddleboard is stable enough for any novice paddler to ride comfortably and fast enough to traverse long distances with minimal effort. The Malibu Touring board is good for casual and novice paddlers embarking on day long journeys on lakes, rivers, or the ocean. Or take it out for shorter spins. Your choice!

Paddleboard Details:

  • Length: 11' 6"
  • Width: 30"
  • Thickness: 6"
  • Weight: 31 lbs
  • Volume: 226 L
  • Max Rider Weight: 198 lbs (beginner); 221 lbs (intermediate); 249 lbs (advanced)
  • Construction: VFT (Vacuum Formed Technology) – ABS/PC plastic sheets with fiberglassed foam blank inside
  • Fins: Single 9" flexible fin
  • Core: 16kg EPS foam core
  • Deck: EVA pad
  • Displacement hull, allowing you to swiftly and effortlessly glide through the water
  • Easily attach accessories to the SeaMount plugs
  • Vacuum Formed Technology (VFT) makes the board incredibly durable
  • Includes an adjustable paddle
    • Nylon, reinforced fiberglass, UV-stable blade
    • 2.9cm anodized aluminum shaft
    • Adjustable 68in - 83.5in
    • Blade size: 18.31in long X 8.46in wide
    • Weight: 2.54 lbs
    • Area of blade: 97.5in
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